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On Demand I.T. Support 

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Need a Microsoft server but dont want to pay a full time I.T. Administrator? PTS can save you thousand over the cost of a full time I.T. support. Not a fan of Microsoft ask about our other file and application server options.

  • Cloud Backup
  • Server & workstation monitoring 
  • Authorized Dell computer Reseller Business class computers.
  • New computer setup
  • Router & Switch installation.

Creative Solutions

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We specialize in small business Home business and a few special home customers.
Custom built PCs Made to your specification or job requirements.

Tired of problems with Meltdown security breach. Let PTS build you a new AMD high preformance PC today! We can also build a Linux PC or convert your current of old PC to Linux.

Remote Control Support for established customers*

PC Maintinance

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Computer act like a bit like air filters pulling room air through the case just like a filter, the dust collects on the interior components like the CPU cooling vents fan blades eventually this will more than likely cause the computer to over heat or fans to stop spinning.                 Schedule a PC cleaning and tuneup call PTS today.

PC tuneup Check for viruses trojans and other malware (bad software) 

PC security training how to avoid most common problems related to malware and hackers.

Professional Consultation

Is your office secure as it can be?

Onsite evaluation 

Suggestions for computer upgrades,
Router updates, and secure configuration.





Meltdown & Spector security threats.


AMD  CPUs dont have the same vulnerability of the intel CPUs. Call to order a custom built AMD PC.



Intel & Microsoft updates for Meltdown security issue causing problems on customers computers world wide.


Is your computer crashing or locking up? I can help.


Whats the future of the internet? Do cyber criminals and government backdoors spell the end of functional internet what would life be like without the internet? 


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